Journal 1: The Personal Universe of Matthew Sanders

Taste (15 words): Sandy, Iron, fresh, soft, dirty, bland, lemon, Fruity, acidic, powerful, grain, country, ocean, soapy, sharp

Touch (15 words): Fire, grain, bunny fur, peel, anxiety, sharp, bitter, doormat, punch, toothache, concussion, blanket, desert, workout, fear

Smell (15 words): soft, sharp, bitter, sweet, steam, sewer, meal, date, locker-room, grass, candles, roses, fruity, cologne, shower, spring

Hearing (15 words): Seahawk, metal, punk, amplifier, cords, violin, guitar, nickelback, concert, wolf, city, marriage, bells, California, straw

Sight (15 words): glaucoma, spectacles, doctor, love, sunlight, cinema, blind, rainbow, life, tears, contacts, judgement, fear, beautiful, ugly

Action/Motion (10 words): waterfall, athlete, riot, carpenter, mini, bullet, bolt, arrow, lightning, documentary

Abstractions (3 words): depression, suicide, liberty

Anything else (7 words): Philippines, tropics, photography, progress, Wednesday, anniversary, memorial