Do you feel that?

Do You Feel That?

Matthew Sanders

Do you feel that?

the fear.

the anxiety.

the stress.

Do you feel that?

the mystery.

the confusion.

the speculation.

Do you feel that?

the wind.

the thin air.

the cold dark sky.

Do you feel that?

the calmness.

the bliss.

the embrace of the sunrise.

Do you feel that?

The love.

The warmth.

The happiness.

Do you feel that?

I don’t think you do.

I don’t think you know.

I don’t think you’re real.



Most lines must start with “the.”

Most lines have to do with a certain feeling or emotion

The lines cannot be more than 5 words

“Do you feel that,” must be repeated throughout the poem



Just Wait

I closed the door as softly as I’d stroked

My feet,

Shaped by decades, centuries of time.

I’m illuminated by prismatic light,

For a little while at least.

Murmurs echo and collide.

Now I’m standing outside in the cold.

That chill doesn’t go away.

An unwanted dog tethered by his owner,

nothing left to offer.

The frigid air reminds me of when you left.

There’s a softness in my memory.

One thing remains the same though,

Just wait,



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